Strength or technique? How to achieve a balanced performance in tennis.

25 de April, 2021

Written by: Matías Rizzo

Tennis is played faster and faster and for that it is necessary to train more strength. But in this race, we cannot omit the correct positioning of the body that only technique can give us.

In the modern age, strength has taken hold of tennis players, and sometimes the technique or elegance of the game is reduced to this potential. Physical ability and a preference over muscle strengthening have become the goal of many players, not only professionals but also amateurs, maximizing the physical, muscular and mental level to face each game.

“The one who gets greater power and speed in his movements and shots, gives him a plus when it comes to achieving a positive result”.

All this change in the way of playing tennis has been accompanied by a significant advance in the elements of the game, such as balls, rackets, strings, etc. taking advantage of new modern materials that further promote the use of strength and therefore, increasing the speed of the sport.

And while it is extremely important to increase muscle mass in order to be stronger and faster, there are other elements that make a difference in tennis practice, such as a correct balance of the body when performing different gestures, all aspects of technique.

“Tennis has changed a lot, one of the key factors is the speed of movement that comes from the physical development of each player accompanied by his natural condition. How do we achieve this development?

“If we compare it to the last decade, tennis was played much further behind the baseline tactically. So the player had more time, he hit the ball when it went down. Now you play more inside to get time from the rival. The faster the ball returns, the more time you take from the opponent.

New generations, through the speed in their movements and the power in their shots, develop a more aggressive game without losing sight of the movement technique or the technique of the shots.

Tennis is a sport in which the understanding of the game plays a fundamental role”, says Matias Rizzo. “By playing faster and faster, you are also exposed to a greater extent to injuries,” explains the specialist, who in addition to working with the Davis Cup teams in Peru and Ecuador has trained a large number of renowned professional players.


What to focus on

In the balance that is given to work the technique with the force, is the answer. The best exercises will be those that help you move better on the court, those that work on mobility on the court, movements, because the basis of our shots will come from an adequate positioning of the legs. You need a base of strength in the core, but also in the legs. You move better when you learn it technically: where and how to stance, how you put your leg, where you pull your body weight.

There are, in addition, different aspects of mobility such as the split, the first step or the cross step, which can be worked out both at the gym and on court.

When planning strength workout for tennis or knowing if we are training correctly, three basic concepts must be kept in mind to obtain maximum performance: Perform the appropriate strength, balance agonist / antagonists and a transfer to the specific gesture.

Strength, motor plasticity, flexibility of the lower limbs and a technique achieved through practice and effort, are the axes of good tennis practice.