We work as a team

In our team, we value joint work and that is why we have developed a service especially designed for Tennis Academies and Clubs. Our extensive experience in training focused on the physical preparation of the tennis player, both individual and group, allows us to offer comprehensive physical plans tailored to each training group, adapting to the various physical characteristics, levels of play, and ages.

Firstly, we evaluate each student to prevent injuries and maximize their physical potential. Then, we establish a distance training plan with the teachers and schedule in-person visits according to the contracted service. Thus, we manage to enhance and set new objectives by stages, based on the specific needs of each group.

We are committed to working as a team to carry out a comprehensive approach to physical preparation in tennis, focused on maximizing the performance of each student, and achieving solid and lasting results.

To maximize the reach of our training program, we have established a plan that combines distance learning with the in-person visit of our professionals, according to the contracted service. In this way, we can enhance the participants’ knowledge and set goals to be achieved at each stage of the learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you make visits to facilities in any country where the tennis academy or club is located?

Depending on the conditions of the contracted service, we organize meetings and in-person trainings with the team responsible for the players’ squad.

Is it necessary to have a certain level to contract your services?

There are no restrictions regarding the level of the players; our goal is to improve performance on the court by optimizing the physical characteristics of each one, regardless of their level.

Do you work with a specific age range?

We adapt our plans to the specific needs of each group of players, including their physical, technical characteristics, and age ranges. Our methodology is designed to be cross-sectional across different ages.

Is it possible to hire teachers for the academy through your service?

In case of specific need and availability in the corresponding country, we can provide recommendations for trained personnel.

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