Terms of Use and Legal Terms

The conditions of use and execution of the information provided on the TennisTrainingPro.com Website or any documentation related to this brand, imply having in force a CERTIFICATE OF PHYSICAL FIT issued by a registered doctor, for the execution of any of the trainings or TTP routines.

All USERS who fill out the form, or may apply to any of our training packages must be over 18 years of age. Younger tennis players, under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult, for the reception and practice of any type of training, circuit or physical recommendation and the consequent execution of the proposed physical activities.
It is the responsibility of the elderly to observe the possession of the current PHYSICAL FIT CERTIFICATE.

Likewise, the form of execution and responsibility for the administration and use of the contents is the sole responsibility of THE USERS.

TennisTrainingPro.com, only offers a consultation channel, but is excluded from any claim for incorrect interpretations or executions that USERS may make of its contents.

Any accident or injury during the execution of the routine is the sole responsibility of THE USERS.