The Importance of Footwork in Tennis: Techniques and Practical Applications

In tennis, coordination and agility in movements are fundamental for optimal performance. One of the key aspects of this coordination is the correct use of footwork. These movements, although often unnoticed by spectators, are the result of meticulous training and refined technique. In this article, we will explore the importance of footwork in tennis, its […]


Physical Preparation for the Grass Season in Tennis

The grass season presents a unique challenge for tennis players, requiring specific physical adaptation to perform at their best on this surface. Unlike other courts, grass generates much lower bounces, demanding a significant adjustment in the player’s center of gravity. To prepare adequately, players must engage in specific training focused on maintaining a low center […]


The Importance of Footwork in Tennis: Key to Stability and Performance

In tennis, the ability to maintain a balanced and firm posture during shots is essential for controlling the strokes. Footwork plays a crucial role in this dynamic, as it forms the foundation upon which all efficient movement is built. At Tennis Training Pro, we emphasize the importance of working on footwork as a key part […]


How to Start and End Your Tennis Class Better

In, we receive many questions about how to optimize the time before and after a tennis class. Many ask: Should I arrive 15 minutes before my class or match? How can I efficiently warm up my body in such a short time? What can I do to feel in better condition at the start […]


Footwork in Tennis: Key to Performance and Efficiency on the Court

In tennis, the ability to move quickly and efficiently is crucial for maintaining high performance during the game. Footwork allows players to reach the ball on time and in balance, facilitating the execution of precise and powerful shots. The goal is to reach maximum speed and be able to stop at the moment of impact […]