Specific eccentric work in forward and backward lunge position respectively.

02 de November, 2022

Specific eccentric work in forward and backward lunge position respectively, done by @rockettristan

Exercise 1️⃣ “sliding forward lunges” demands, as in the powder skate, eccentric work of the hip extensors of the leg that goes forward. The fixed leg (the back one) performs static (isometric) work.
In addition, to achieve balance, adductors and abductors are activated, stabilizing the knee so that it goes down in the desired direction (especially preventing the knee from going inward).
Balance is an essential requirement that is trained during exercise.
The turn is performed by concentric contraction of the hip and knee extensors while the adductors/abductors control the linearity of the knee.
In exercise 2️⃣, lunges backwards with sliding, the pivot and support leg is the one that is forward. What changes with respect to the previous exercise is the leg that remains as a fixed point. The return to the initial position is done mainly by concentric action of the leg that is forward.
☝🏼 The load is adequate to correctly meet the technical requirements that are:
🔸 maintain shoulder balance (don’t fall forward or sideways)
🔸 take care of the balance of the knee, especially avoiding internal deviation (ex: due to gluteus medius deficit)
🔸The weight used has to allow a clean change of direction with control of the execution of the exercise.