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The Importance of Footwork in Tennis: Techniques and Practical Applications

In tennis, coordination and agility in movements are fundamental for optimal performance. One of the key aspects of this coordination is the correct use of footwork. These movements, although often unnoticed by spectators, are the result of meticulous training and refined technique. In this article, we will explore the importance of footwork in tennis, its […]


Footwork in Tennis: Key to Performance and Efficiency on the Court

In tennis, the ability to move quickly and efficiently is crucial for maintaining high performance during the game. Footwork allows players to reach the ball on time and in balance, facilitating the execution of precise and powerful shots. The goal is to reach maximum speed and be able to stop at the moment of impact […]


The physical evolution of tennis and the importance of the physical trainer

Interviewed: Alejandro Fabbri Former world 328 singles and 166 doubles Alejandro Fabbri, works along with Juan Ignacio Chela in Diego Schwartzman’s training team. How is an elite tennis player physically trained? What characteristics does he need? An in-depth interview with a professional player coach. Nobody knows better what a tennis player needs than a former […]


How to have a healthy and safe return to tennis training

After being without activity for a while – either on vacation or due to the situation imposed by the pandemic – it is necessary to concentrate on some items for the return to tennis training. The lack of physical activity for a long period of time is an important factor to take into account when […]